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Innostar Power Bank 8400 - White 1 Year Warranty by MCM Malaysia
Weight: 200g
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Product Features:
Built-in high-quality, high-capacity, high-output performance security batteries
Large Capacity: 8400mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery
USB output design, can supply mobile phones and 5V Tablet PC, the output up to 2.1A
Intelligent LED power display shows power status and charge level
Applicable to the majority of DC5V input digital products, such as tablet PCs, smart phones, game consoles
The insured NT $ 20 million insurance ISO9002 process certification, FCC.CE Engelhard certification
Taiwan design, quality assurance, four time security protection, one year warranty
Safety protection:

With a dedicated battery protection board, effectively preventing overcharge, over discharge, over current, short
Wisdom loop:

Automatically detect the power supply equipment, and give the appropriate current to extend battery life of the receiving end

Can charge for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, the PSP, GPS, Bluetooth and other products
One-button ease of use:

A button can be realized all the features of operations
Durable: charging and discharging loop ≥ 300
Environmental Protection: small size, beautiful appearance, long standby time, meet energy efficiency standards, more environmentally friendly economic.

Innostar Power Bank 8400 - White